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Tuatara UTV

The Tuatara UTV is a steel-framed electric UTV built to help you draw the bounty from the land.  Whether you are farming, hunting, or taking in the beautiful wilderness of the land, this vehicle is made as a light expedition truck that can take you into the deepest reaches of the rough country, endure the most unforgiving weather and terrain, and return home fully loaded with stories and bounty from the excursion. The Tuatara is a purpose-built gas or electric utility vehicle with steel construction standard features that cannot be found anywhere else, which include the largest bed of any side by side.


This is not your grandpa's golf cart battery system.  Our team of engineers have developed the most advanced industrial vehicle battery technology in the industry, specifically designed for the high power and torque required to haul guests and luggage in all types of environments.  We are proud to provide you with technology that is not only more efficient and powerful than any other cart battery in the market, but also backed with a 5 year battery warranty.

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